she  thought  this world of ours

needed a bit of hope & joy.  hence:

the peoplehood
this is jaisey.
she says 'hi'.
jaisey bates
she thinks you rock.

in every language.

she writes.

mostly plays, for screen and stage.

she acts. etc.

mostly in plays

that she writes

for the stage.

the peoplehood

the peoplehood is a multicultural, nomadic theater company and community celebrating diversity through the development and performance of different words.  ​lots and lots of different words. mostly by jaisey bates. 


we invite you to join our journey.


that we may learn to walk this beloved ground, together, in peace

  • flute song
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  • bill neal elk whistle
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  • the peoplehood song
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  • featuring miatta lebilé & the cycle two cast of 'notes from this fragile blue place we call home'
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