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have words

​many words

many, many words

​will travel

peoplehood plays
by jaisey bates


works in progress

inquiries welcome

full-length plays

the academy

the day we were born

this radiant wasteland


variations in the key of white

when we breathe


selections from

the peoplehood's 

real time menu of

performance possibilities:



dallas, maine

the litchfield ceremony

wasted in the wasteland

mix-and-match short

& mini plays & spoken word

the authoress and the authored

bear witness


(from the book of jaisey)


before 'the worst

shooting in u.s. history',

they were dancing


blue & gray: 

they call me elephant



caged promise

camp cryptid

eating air

eenie meenie miney NO

guarding ghosts

to history/ 

to whom it may concern

ONE: war/paint

TWO: war/games


i had a dream but now i'm woke

indian summer

it were paradise once

losing ground

my heart & i

never be afraid

no words for these new birds

on a rocky shore

only the devil speaks indian

portrait of the artist

as a young woman

reading moby dick in utqiaġvik

rock paper world


sisters three & the tree

soul maker

star crossed

story knife

summer storms

ubuntu, rising

under siege

the wager



cloudy with a chance

of redemption

this radiant wasteland


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