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to History

 Letters from Indigenous America

Dear Indigenous America,

for your consideration: the chance to tell History/Whom It May Concern what you think about Native American mascots  and/or Native languages.

Background: I am writing 3 very short performance pieces as part of The Protest Plays "Healing The Divide" initiative, which offers a range of short works for reading performances by groups seeking to build awareness and inspire positive action.

Honoring Indigenous Voices:

For the final two letters -

TWO: War/Games

(Native Mascots)

THREE: War/(vs.)Words

(Native Languages)

- any performances will include a basket with Native responses, passed around and held by each person a moment. So everyone ‘carries’ the words an instant. Feels their weight.

Request for Native Responses:

I would greatly appreciate if you wish to include your words in either or both of these honoring ceremonies, and/or if you might share this request with Indigenous others for their consideration. Simply fill out the form(s) below to add your voice.


With gratitude for your consideration,

in the hope that History may,

one day, some day, hear.





Jaisey Bates

for The Peoplehood

TWO: War/Games (Native American Mascots)

Thanks! Message sent.

THREE: War/(vs.) Words (Native American Languages)

Many thanks in many Indigenous languages

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