Laura Jacqmin

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Lavina Jadhwani

VANYA or That’s Life!


Obehi Janice

Ole White Sugah Daddy


N. K. Jemisin

The Broken Earth (award-winning trilogy of novels)


Julie Jigour

Three Women in a Wild Fire


Alice Marie Johnson

The Strength to Be – a short play Alice Marie Johnson wrote & performed in prison.


C.A. Johnson

Mother Tongue


Waitin' On the Moon


Michelle Tyrene Johnson

Justice in the Embers


Julia Jonas

A Woman Among Women


Arlitia Jones

Quiet Ocean

The Ugly Children of Eve


Rosa Joshi

Bring Down The House (co-created with Kate Wisniewski)


Mrinalini Kamath

The New Deal


Mary Lyon Kamitaki

Failure to Thrive


Nambi E. Kelley

Native Son (adaptation for the stage based on the novel by Richard Wright)


Sibyl Kempson

Bad Girls, Good Writers


Adrienne Kennedy

A Lesson in Dead Language

He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box


Sylvia Khoury

The Place Women Go


Callie Kimball

The Dreams of the Penny Gods


Evangelia Kingsley

A Good Mother

Simple Gifts


Jacqueline E. Lawton

Among These Wild Things

The Edges of Time

The Inferior Sex


Kimber Lee

Different Words for the Same Thing

brownsville song (b-side for tray)


Young Jean Lee

Straight White Men

We're Gonna Die


Rehana Lew Mirza

A People's Guide to the History in the Time of Here & Now


E. M. Lewis

The Gun Show

How the Light Gets In

Song of Extinction


Mildred Lewis

The End of Everything


Leslie Lissaint

This is How We Heal


Casey Llewellyn

Existing Conditions (co-written with Claudia Rankine)

O, Earth


Patricia Ione Llyod

Eve's Song


Josefina López

Real Women Have Curves


Dorothy Lyman

In the Bleak Midwinter


Rachel Lynett

He Did It


Well-Intentioned White People


Mariah MacCarthy

Honors Students



Terese Mailhot

Heart Berries (memoir)


Jennifer Maisel



Martyna Majok

The Cost of Living



Rohina Malik



Mona Mansour


We Swim, We Talk, We Go To War


Sarah B. Mantell

Everything That Never Happened


Jenny Marlowe

The Laws of the Stars


Leslie Marmon Silko

Ceremony (novel)


Zoey Martinson

The Alien Nation


Heather McDonald

Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity


Idina Menzel

“Let It Go” / Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez  (songwriters) & Idina Menzel (vocals)


Margaret Mitchell

Gone with the Wind (novel)


Chiori Miyagawa


Woman Killer


Ruth Moore

I Have Seen Horizons: Ruth Moore’s Stories from Maine – adaption for the stage by Meg Taintor of Ruth Moore’s short stories and poems.


Desi Moreno-Penson

Devil Land

Not Like Us

Ominous Men


Dominique Morisseau


Skeleton Crew


Tara Moses



Jessica Moss

We'll Make It Together


Victoria Moy

Fighting for the Dream: Voices of Chinese American Veterans from World War II to Afghanistan (nonfiction book)


Daaimah Mubashshir

Night of Power

The Immeasurable Want of Light


Janine Nabers

Serial Black Face


Mary Kathryn Nagle



Leah Nanako Winkler

God Said This

Two Mile Hollow


Meena Natarajan

Etchings in the Sand, a performance project created by playwright/performer Meena Natarajan & choreographer/performer Ananya Chatterjea


Nahal Navidar

Songs of Our Childhood (short play)


Jennifer L. Nelson

24, 7, 365


Mara Nelson-Greenberg

Do You Feel Anger?


Christina Nieves

The Only One


Lynn Nottage

Crumbs from the Table of Joy



Antoinette Nwandu

BREACH: a manifesto on race in america through the eyes of a black girl recovering from self-hate

Pass Over


Brooke Oehme

Notes to Self


Dael Olandersmith

Until the Flood


Mary Oliver

“The Summer Day” / New and Selected Poems


Philana Omorotionmwan

Before Evening Comes


Evangeline Ordaz

This Land


Erlina Ortiz



Milta Ortiz



Lily Padilla

How to Defend Yourself



Jiehae Park



Darcy Parker Bruce

Always Plenty of Light at the Starlight All Night Diner

How We Live In Our Bodies Now

the wolf you feed


Suzan-Lori Parks

The America Play

In the Blood

Fucking A

White Noise


Lina Patel

The Ragged Claws


Ming Peiffer

Usual Girls


Andrea Peña

"Shine" Co-writer & vocalist. Sawyer Garrity, 16, & Andrea Peña, 15, wrote “Shine” after surviving the 2-14-18 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.


Liza Jessie Peterson

Down the Rabbit Hole


Eliana Pipes

A Brief History of the United States


Bella Poynton

The Speed of Light


Judith Pratt



Deepa Purohit



Christina Quintana



Heather Raffo



Nina Raine



Tiger Country


Lisa Ramirez

Invisible Women Rise

To the Bone


Vickie Ramirez



Kat Ramsburg

Wendy Unwritten


Claudia Rankine

Citizen: An American Lyric (adapted for the stage by Stephen Sachs & directed by Shirley Jo Finney)

Existing Conditions (co-written with Casey Llewellyn)

The Provenance of Beauty


Helen Reddy

"I Am Woman" Co-writer of lyrics with Ray Burton; singer/vocals


Gabrielle Reisman

Jeune Terre

Storm, Still.


Carmen Rivera

Riding the Bear

The Power of Words


Jackie Roberts

Lick O’ the Knife


Cynthia G. Robinson

When Night Falls


Lisa Marie Rollins

Love is Another Country

Ungrateful Daughter: One Black Girl's Story of Being Adopted by a White Family ... That Aren't Celebrities


Stacey Rose

America v. 2.1:

The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of

The American Negro


Abby Rosebrock

Blue Ridge


Lynn Rosen

In the Blue


Haleh Roshan

Free Free Free Free



Sharyn Rothstein



J. K. Rowlings

Harry Potter series (novels)


Anusree Roy

The Exceptional


Jeanne Sakata

Hold These Truths


Nikkole Salter

Repairing a Nation

Torn Asunder


Tori Sampson

If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka

She's our President

This Land was Made


Ren Dara Santiago

The Siblings Play


Tanya Saracho

“VIDA” (tv series, show creator – based on the short story Pour Vida by Richard Villegas Jr.)


Vasanti Saxena

Sun Sisters


Caitlin Saylor Stephens

Woke Boy


Heidi Schreck

What the Constitution Means to Me


Laura Shamas



Ntozake Shange

for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf


Erika Sheffer

The Fundamentals


Madhuri Shekar

House of Joy

In Love & Warcraft



Kim D. Sherman

HeartLand (writer Darrah Cloud & composer Kim D. Sherman)


Jackie Sibblies Drury



Jen Silverman

Collective Rage: A Play In 5 Betties; In Essence A Queer & Occasionally Hazardous Exploration; Do You Remember When You Were In Middle School & You Read About Shackleton & How He Explored The Antarctic?; Imagine The Antarctic As A Pussy & It’s Sort Of Like That

Dangerous House (previously The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane)




Charly Evon Simpson

form of a girl unknown

Scratching the Surface

While We Wait


Crystal Skillman


The Test


Kristin Slaney



Alix Sobler


sleep wake hope & then

The Great Divide


Celine Song


Take This Woman


Ruby Rae Spiegel

Dry Land


Emily St. John Mandel

Station Eleven (novel)


Alice Stanley



Susan Soon He Stanton

Today is My Birthday


Vera Starbard Bedard

Our Voices Will Be Heard


Gertrude Stein

Three Sisters who are not Sisters


Kit Steinkellner



Gina Stevenson

The Colony


Victoria Stewart



DeLanna Studi

And So We Walked: An Artist's Journey Along the Trail of Tears


Amanda Sun

Paper Gods (YA novel series)


Chelsea Sutton

Falling Slanted, Sad & Crazy


Caridad Svich

Hurt Song

Upon the Fragile Shore

the peoplehood

the peoplehood is a multicultural, nomadic theater company and community celebrating diversity through the development and performance of different words.

​lots and lots of different words.

mostly by jaisey bates. 


we invite you to join our journey

that we may learn to walk

this beloved ground,

together, in peace

the peoplehood is currently based in los angeles, california,

the traditional unceded home of the KIZH, TONGVA and CHUMASH peoples.

we wish to recognize and honor the original caretakers of this land

and their descendants past, present and future.

© 2021 Jaisey Bates / The Peoplehood

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  • featuring miatta lebilé & the cycle two cast of 'notes from this fragile blue place we call home'
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